This is our dog Bonzie, who brings us endless hours of fun. He is a Maltese, mini foxy, papillion pronounced (pap- ee -yon). I thank God that he has chosen me to share this little fellows life. We nearly lost him to a paralysis tick last November, he was a sick doggy, thank God for our vet and his dedication to his job. Here he is sitting on the mosiac waiting to go into the pavers, hole underneath board.



  1. Love the pictures and Wow you can tell just how much they mean to you, they are indeed very special like you, my story about the M and M’s is in my About you just click on the link.

    I really like the look of your Blog and it has a warm feeling, thanks for all you support and encouragement on my Blog, you are a very special and caring friend.

    Christian Love Anne.

    • I am impressed with how professional your Blog looks. Hope mine gets to that standard one day. Thank you so much for you kind comments. God bless and keep you my dear friend. I value our friendship very much.I read your stories on M and M, which was what inspired me to put both my pets on here. Yours In Christ Vivienne xxx

      • Hi Vivienne, I’m going to ask Ron again if he can spare some time to take me to see you there are some settings that will help with your Blog if they are adjusted but I think it still looks good my friend and thank you for reading about my furry friends they are such a blessing as you know.

        Love you Anne.

  2. Love you

  3. Where’s the ball….. get the ball…..Quick…. get the ball….

    • Ha Ha Ha, very good sweet….Dad’s teasing you Bonzie

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