Our cat

Our cat

This is our cat Issac, he came named from the AWL. Bonzie was a wee bit jealous (large amount actually) but he loves his Zac now as we call him, as we already have a grandchild with the same name. Now our other granchildren want us to get a pet with their name, bless them. Zac is a very laid back cat, not overly affectionate, but likes to be where you are at. He also greets and sees our visitors off when they leave.He brings us much joy too, just like Bonzie.



  1. Hey!!!! his eyes are open..

    • Yes, and he’s not sitting in front of his food dish, extraordinary!

  2. I have always loved Cats and Zac is awesome with that look …this is my place so just watch yourself see! I must send you the Power point on Cats that I did for Jody, her favourite was black cats, Jody was 25 but only 5 Mently, she came to my Funday School, Jody’s Parents were non believers but I was told Jody use to say to them all the time Jesus Loves me, I hope they believed her as the Father died not so long ago.

    Thanks Viv for sharing you furry friends with us – Love Annie

  3. You are most welcome Annie, you gave me the idea, after seeing your pets on your blog.
    They are a real blessing from Our heavenly Father, and a most wonderful gift too!
    I am glad you were able to impart an important message to Jody, then God used her to take the message to her parents.
    Thank you for being such a blessing to me
    Love Vivienne xx

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